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Everyone knows that they should have a Last Will and Testament. When you get ready to write --or change--yours you should have an idea of what you own, and how you wish to distribute your assets.  

At the law firm of Elana E. Strom, PLLC, we know all the questions to ask to help you write your Will.  CONTACT OUR OFFICE for a free one-hour consultation.

Two other documents are at least as important as your Will because they help manage your life if you are unable to do so. An Advance Medical Directive and a Durable Power of Attorney.

The Advance Medical Directive tells your healthcare providers, and your family, which persons you have designated to make medical decisions for you in the event that you  become incapacitated. In it you may specify whether you want all available medical interventions or not.  The person you choose to make the decisions for you, as well as the alternate, should be made aware of your wishes.

Durable Power of Attorney appoints someone to manage your financial affairs. The person chosen need not be the same as the person you choose to make medical decisions for you.  However, this person, in addition to being trustworthy, should have the time and inclination to fulfill this responsibility.

CONTACT OUR OFFICE for an appointment to discuss drafting essential documents.


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