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Social Security Disability Insurance

This should not be confused with Social Security Retirement Insurance Benefits, These types of insurance are concerned with physical and mental disabilities.

There are two types of disability insurance

provided by the Social Security Administration.

Social Security Disability Insurance--called SSDI. It is also known OASDI (Old Age and Survivors Disability Insurance. This benefit is available for those who have worked for at least five out of the last ten years. There are no asset restriction sin this program.

Supplemental Security Income--commonly known as SSI is coverage for those who have never worked, or for those who have worked for fewer than 5 out of the last ten years.  It pays a flat monthly rate set by the Federal Government. In 2018 the payout for an individual will be $750 per month, and $1125 per month for an eligible couple. SSI eligibility also has asset restrictions. Visit to learn more.

Under some circumstances it is possible to receive both SSDI and SSI. The disability rules for both programs are the same.

Social Security recognizes many categories of disability. A set of criteria are used when evaluating each type of disabling condition, from heart disease to mental health issues, to chronic back pain, to blindness.

If the Social Security Administration has denied your application for benefits you can appeal this decision. However your request for appeal must be in writing and be received by SSA within 60 days ​of when you received the letter.

At The Law Office of Elana E. Strom PLLC we have over twenty years of assisting clients with their disability applications.  We'll help you fill out the forms, gather and submit your medical evidence and argue your case to the administration.

In a situation of this importance this no time to waste. CONTACT OUR OFFICE TODAY for an appointment.

Our office may be able to help you with other issues you may have with the Social Security Administration, such as overpayments, and benefits for stepchildren and widows. 

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